Welcome to Saint Joe's Giving Day

Since its inception in 1961, Saint Joseph High School has provided a well-rounded educational experience supported by the four pillars of the journey to excellence: Formation, Academics, Community and Extracurricular Activities.

Currently, almost every student on campus participates in an extracurricular activity, with over 80 percent joining one of Saint Joe’s 16 varsity athletic programs.

As the student population increases, so too does the need for modern facilities that are vitally important to the development of a well-rounded student experience.

This Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2023, we invite the entire Saint Joseph community to support our newest initiative, empowering student success through the construction of a new weight room - The Barn.

We want to ensure that every Saint Joseph student has the resources available to improve their physical and mental health. The Barn will allow all of our students to learn about proper fitness, while also giving our student-athletes the opportunity to perform at the highest level and create a competitive advantage both on and off the field.

Contributions will be accepted starting Tuesday, November 21 through November 28, 2023.

Join Saint Joe’s and help us reach our goal of $60,000 to build The Barn, a new weight room that will transform the Saint Joe’s experience and empower our students to succeed.